Day: November 5, 2020

First of all, what is meant by being a parent? To put it simply, they have the biggest part to play in one’s life, from raising their kids off their soft younger days to guide them through the brutal adulthood and then lead them successfully to face the harsh world and grow up in it.

This occurs through various stages in both of the child as well as the parent’s lives. They act as one’s guardian, their greatest teachers, their best inspirations, and the best source of motivation when everything else seems lost.

They may come in many other roles too. Like, from being a playmate and a friend to one’s teacher and guide, then from a caregiver to strict personnel, they can play all these roles very efficiently and claim any possibilities to raise their kids properly.

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What is the role of a parent?

Probably the most important role for a parent to play in their kid’s life is to be an ideal guardian. The child must always have someone to put their faiths into.

They should always think that their parents will always understand them and help them come out of their problems easily. They would support them during their hard times and should always have their backs.

They should always feel that even if the world gives upon them, their parents will never give up on them no matter what the circumstances are. Hence, a role of a parent is incredible in each one’s life.

Parental Authority, what does it signify?

Though the word might sound a little strict, it isn’t what one thinks; it is called be defined as simply a behavior in which a child naturally respects and obey their parents with minimum or no resistance. They work together as a team and form a mutual bonding with each other.

This occurs in a lot of ways like children cooperate and work together to achieve their daily goals. Both of them focus on the only job that needs to be done, which helps them sort it out accordingly.

The next step is when the child faces a problem and is stuck over it, the parent acts as a teacher and then brings about the best guide to lead them through it. When the minor watches they’re parents into some work, a sense of duty develops in them, this helps in the children’s upbringing. And they devote themselves to their work effectively.

Of course, this type of Authority does not come in just a week or month; it includes patience, time, perseverance, devotion, and hard work to get the results in.


Though all of these stages look completely different from each other, they are related to the same cause, the child’s upbringing from an infant to an adult.

The parents should check their roles in each of these stages and ensure their child’s proper growth accordingly. They should always help them pave their path as in return, and they would do the same.  …